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Angol érettségi - nyelvhelyesség 2010.október/3.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2010. október - 3. nyelvhelyesség feladat.

Írd be a helyes megoldások betűjeleit!


The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes rewards kids who have made a positive difference (0) C their community and the planet. Every year, the Barron Prize chooses ten winners nationwide. One of last year's winners is Whitney Boulton, an 18-year-old from New York, who organized a "Stream Team" (1) up a local stream.

Whitney was inspired to (2) action while on a walk in her town. She passed a stream (3) her father had known as a child. "He always talked about the stream, and I remember him saying how full of life (4) ," Whitney said. But the stream she saw was very different. "When I saw the stream I was very surprised that it had become motionless (5) to trash." The stream was now filled with tires, bicycles, shopping carts, and an old refrigerator.

Whitney organized (6) 50 student volunteers with boots, gloves, and trash bags. She even had an 18-meter-long truck (7) to the site! Whitney and her team cleaned 4.8 kilometers of the stream. "I think the most inspiring thing is that kids really care about each other and the environment. So if you (8) an idea, you will be amazed by what you and your peers can achieve by working together," Whitney said.


0) A at B for C to D with
1) A cleaned B to clean C cleaning D and clean
2) A get B do C take D make
3) A that B in which C where D what
4) A it has been B was it C has it been D it was
5) A compared B according C similar D due
6) A over B so many C more D such as
7) A to bring B brought C bring D bringing
8) A would have B had C have D will have

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