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Angol érettségi - nyelvhelyesség 2013.május/2.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2013. május - 2. nyelvhelyesség feladat.

Írd be a hiányzó szavakat!

(Csak egy-egy szót mindenhova.)


The purpose of a house (0) has changed over the centuries, especially the rooms inside. What rooms would you include (1) you could design a house? I bet you would have several rooms including different ones (2) cook in, sleep in, play in, wash in etc. You would expect your house to have running water, electricity and gas. You would want it to be warm in winter, cool in summer and keep you dry when (3) rains. You would also want it to be reasonably secure - large windows to let the sunlight in (4) keep the burglars out.

Your needs today (5) very different to those of people who lived in houses long (6) . Take for example the Celtic family. They all lived in one room. In fact their house only consisted (7) one room and they sometimes brought in their animals too to keep (8) safe from predators.

I wonder (9) a Victorian gentleman would think of your list of rooms. Did you include rooms for your servants? A Victorian worker would (10) amazed at the number of toilets or bathrooms in your house. He would have had to share an outside toilet with everyone else in his street!


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