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Angol olvasásértés 2011.október/3

Középszintű angol érettségi 2011. október - 3. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.


23-year-old Malcolm Murray set out on a Friday afternoon in February for a walk with his dog on the Isle of Lewis, in the north of Britain.

Despite being a local and an experienced walker, he got lost because of bad weather. Luckily he had a mobile phone and a compact camera with him. These two gadgets saved his life.

He said: "I just wanted to take the dog for a quick walk. There was a bit of fog when I left.

But later it became very thick and I was basically lost." Realising how serious the situation was becoming, he phoned his father, who came up with a plan to find his son: driving up and down the road, beeping the car horn every mile or so. But his son didn't hear a thing and by late afternoon they decided they had to call in professional rescuers.

Four rescue teams set off to find Murray on foot. The Coastguard also sent in a helicopter. After some time Murray could see the helicopter lights coming and going. So, when it got close, he pressed his camera flash over and over again.

Murray's flash was spotted by Captain Richard on board the helicopter. "It really was very clever use of the equipment he had with him," he said. "I spotted a flash in the sky and then the infrared showed us exactly where Mr. Murray and his dog were. It was the flash that saved them."

Murray senior, who had spent the evening at home on the telephone, was proud of his son's calmness and presence of mind.

Írd a mondatok elé a megfelelő betűt!

C = if there isn’t enough information in the text to say if it is true or not.

B The incident took place in autumn.
The young man lives in London.
He had received his mobile for his birthday.
When he left home the weather was sunny.
He called his father when he realised he was lost.
He had some food with him.
Technology played an important part in the rescue.
The young man was found by the helicopter crew.
His father was on board the helicopter during the rescue operation.

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