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Angol olvasásértés 2012.május/1

Középszintű angol érettségi 2012. május - 1. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.

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It’ll be 2 years in July.

It started in Scouts. I ran nature centres at Scout camps. When I was older I worked in a pet store. From age 14 on I got paid for working with animals.

A zookeeper needs a 4-year degree in a biology-related field. I went to zookeeper school in Florida. It was a 3-semester course.

I have eight zookeepers with interns. The interns are students working for us as part of their college training.

Taking care of the animals is a daily job. There’s also repainting of buildings, sweeping walkways, picking up trash.... it’s an ongoing task that never ends.

We try to show the more unusual North American species that people wouldn’t recognize. I also have a few exotic animals.

It depends on what the animal is. Our cats get a prepared meal called Bravo. It's regular ground meat. The omnivores get vegetables with a little Bravo added. The insect eaters get live crickets and earthworms.

It varies because of the season. It’s hard to give an exact number; it really depends on the month. Most of our visitors come May-July; during the winter we don't get many people.

There are lots of projects that we’re trying to get done. The zoo is very old; we’re updating parts of it. We’re trying to make the zoo as interactive and fun as we can and at the same time allowing people to get educated.


A) What kinds of animals do you have?
B) How many workers are there at the zoo?
C) How long have you been at the Elmwood Park Zoo?
D) How did you become interested in animals?
E) What is your favourite animal?
F) What kind of training did you go through?
G) What do you feed the different animals?
H) What changes could be made to the Elmwood Park Zoo?
I) What does the zookeeper’s job involve?
K) How many people come to the zoo daily?

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