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Angol ovasásértés 2019.oktober/4.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2019. október - 4. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.


Mary, a woman from the United States, cannot feel the emotion of fear, because of a very rare genetic condition. She has never been interviewed before, because her doctors say that people could easily take advantage of her if her identity was made public.

She says that she remembers being scared just once in her life. She was still a young girl and her father was fishing and caught a catfish. She was frightened because she didn’t want it to bite her. In fact, that was the only time she can remember experiencing fear.

Once, when her sons were small and she was out for a walk, a man called her over. He grabbed her by the shirt, and he held a knife to her throat and told her he was going to cut her. She said, “Go ahead and do it”. The man let her go, and she went home, but she didn’t call the police, as she didn’t see the danger.

She is also unable to recognise a fearful expression on the face of another person. Still, she has normal intelligence and recognises other emotions such as joy, or anger in the same way as others.

If she sees a poisonous snake that would make most people really scared, Mary will touch it without any problem. She isn’t afraid in such situations and has no bad memories afterwards.

‘If you have no fear, many more terrible things will happen to you,’ one of her doctors explained to journalists. ‘However, if you have a lot of fear, fewer bad things will probably happen.’

So is it better to be fearful or fearless?


Írd a mondatok elé a megfelelő betűt!

C = if there isn’t enough information in the text to say if it is true or not.

A Mary has been different from other people ever since she was born.
Her story has already appeared in newspapers in the past.
She hasn’t felt fear since she was a child.
Her father stopped fishing after the catfish incident.
The police had to save her when a man attacked her in a park.
Mary can understand that you are happy if you smile at her.
It is difficult for her to remember faces.
According to her doctor people like Mary experience more bad things than most people.

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