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Hallott angol szöveg értése 2011./2.

Angol nyelv középszintű érettségi - Hallott szöveg értése / 2011 Task 1

Az érettségi feladat forrása: www.oktatas.hu

Hallgasd meg a hanganyagot és írd be a hiányzó szavakat, kifejezéseket!

  • In this part of the test you will hear a news report about a man who wanted to cut the cost of flying.
  • Your task will be to find one incorrect word (or number) in each of the following sentences, cross it out, and write the correct one on the line after the sentence.

1 - The man’s mother and father live in Chicago.

  • ...Dallas...

2 - He said he decided to visit his parents because he was bored.

3 - The price of a first class air-ticket would have been higher than the price of sending a crate.

4 - Mr McKinley had nothing to eat or drink during the 50-hour journey.

5 - On the plane, somebody noticed that there was a man sitting inside the crate.

6 - He had lied that the crate contained a computer and books.

7 - The deliveryman thought there was a dog inside the crate.

8 - Mr McKinley was arrested and jailed three hours after his trip.

9 - The District Attorney said Mr McKinley violated the law of security.

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