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Angol olvasásértés 2013.október/2.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2013. október - 2. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.


According to Amsterdam’s tourism board, the canal-crossed Dutch city is one of the most cycle-friendly places in the world, but recently locals have become less enthusiastic about the tourists that come to see Amsterdam on two wheels.

"The problem is that we Dutch are good cyclists. We're like anarchists on bikes who know how to break the rules," said Rolf Hermsen, who is one of the many city residents who use their bikes to get around. "The tourists try to keep the rules, but they can't cycle properly. They can't cycle while looking for traffic behind them, so they just fall over."

"There are people who say tourists need more instructions to ride bikes," said Jo Ligtvoeld from the Tourist Board. "More and more Dutch people are complaining about tourists. I think it's because Amsterdam is a small city compared to other European capitals."

Amsterdam also has a reputation as a "freedom city" for allowing marijuana smoking and for its red light district. The city attracts thousands of tourists each year, who are often responsible for noise pollution and garbage on the streets. The Tourist Board says that it’s these visitors, rather than the cycling ones, that create the most problems with local residents. However, when it comes to cycling, Amsterdam residents are good at spotting the tourist-on- wheels. "Tourists should, just like the locals, have lights on their bikes and follow general traffic instructions. Just because Amsterdam likes freedom, that does not mean there are no rules to be followed," Jo Ligtvoeld said.

Her solution to the conflict between visitors and residents is to attract tourists to the less busy parks and cycleways of Amsterdam's quieter suburbs. Anyway, if you do choose to cycle in Amsterdam, the Tourism Board's website helpfully explains where you can rent bikes and how to follow Amsterdam's traffic rules.


Írd be a hiányzó szövegrészek betűjeleit!

0) The Dutch capital C
1) The people of Amsterdam
3) The tourists
4) Ms. Ligtvoeld
5) The tourists who create a lot of noise and rubbish
6) A local cyclist
7) A tourist on a bike

A) is safer out of the city centre.
B) holds the size of the city responsible for the problem.
C) is a great city to cycle.
D) don’t like tourists on bikes as much as they used to.
E) cost Amsterdam a lot of money.
F) aren’t very good at cycling.
G) usually follows some basic traffic rules which most tourists don’t.
H) may be causing more problems than bad cyclists.

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