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Bubble Wrap's original purpose was nothing like what we use the product for today.
In 1957, engineer Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes were trying to create a special wallpaper.

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However, this use of the product didn’t become popular, either.



He presented the idea to IBM and demonstrated the product’s protective abilities.


Since then, Sealed Air has grown to sales of around $4 billion a year, with a net profit of around $255 million, and around $400 million worth of Bubble Wrap is sold annually.


A) Bowers got the idea that Bubble Wrap could be used as a good packaging material to protect the computer while it was being transported.
B) Not giving up, they decided to sell their invention to prevent heat from escaping from greenhouses.
C) To do so, they sealed two shower curtains together in such a way that air bubbles were captured, giving it a new appearance.
D) It wasn't until 1959 – when IBM started selling their new 1401 computer model - that Frederick Bowers, a marketer at their company Sealed Air, finally came up with the perfect use for it.
E) His demonstration was successful, and IBM started buying Bubble Wrap to protect their 1401 model and other fragile products they sold and transported.
F) The popping sound of the little bubbles - when they got punctured - made a lot of people happy.
G) But the wallpaper idea didn’t sell too well.

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