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Olvasott angol szöveg értése 2017.október/4.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2017. október - 4. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.

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When Robert Samuel found himself unemployed in 2012, (0) C that offered cash to wait in line for someone to get a new iPhone. A year later, the New York-born man (1) — the city’s only professional line waiting team.

His team of line-sitters have (2) including iPhones, sports shoes, special sales, concert tickets — and even Santa Claus photos. "I didn't even know Santa Claus lines could be that long," Samuel said.

After two years, Samuel now has more than a dozen employees, (3) , who stand in line in cities across the country. "I was hired by a family in Colorado that (4) to get into a TV quiz show," he said. "Because I was in New York, (5) to stand in line and the family bought him some fancy T-shirts and hats to thank him. He was in line for 43 hours."

Robert and his colleagues have been very successful — (6) . They are available non-stop and (7) , while each extra half hour is $10.

As he is booked for every single day in September, many people think that Robert should take his business to the next level by (8) — but he says he’s not yet ready for that. "I've been asked about getting an app but I love the personal touch that my company has. When people call my number just to tell me (9) – that makes me feel good." (nydailynews.com)

A) most of them part-timers
B) I asked an unemployed man
C) he didn’t think twice before responding to an ad
D) waited in lines for several products
E) charge $25 for the first hour
F) wanted me to stand in line
G) creating an app or having an office
H) turned it into a business
I) how well I'm doing
K) leaving my regular full-time job
L) they make close to $1,000 a week
M) some of his new colleagues

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