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Angol érettségi - nyelvhelyesség 2018.május/2.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2018. május - 2. nyelvhelyesség feladat.

Írd be a hiányzó szavak/kifejezések betűjeleit!


Wife carrying is a sport in (0) C male competitors race while each carrying a female teammate. The aim is for the male (1) the female through a special track in the fastest time. The winning team takes home the wife's weight (2) beer.

Wife Carrying started in Finland, and its history is based on the 19th century legend of “Ronkainen the Robber”. Ronkainen and his thieves (3) food and women from villages in the area where they lived, (4) they carried the women on their backs as they ran away.

The first wife carrying event was held in Finland in 1992. It now (5) place there as the World Championship every year. Here are some of the rules:
  • Teammates are not (6) to be legally married.
  • The minimum weight for the female competitor is 49 kilograms, and she (7) be at least 18.
  • The only equipment allowed is a belt (8) by the carrier. A helmet is necessary for the woman.
  • There is no restriction on how the female teammate is carried.
  • If a competitor (9) his teammate, their team will be punished with five seconds added to their time.


0) A that B what C which D -
1) A carrying B who carries C is carrying D to carry
2) A by B in C with D from
3) A were stolen B stole C have stolen D was stealing
4) A then B after C than D when
5) A holds B makes C takes D gets
6) A required B respected C refused D reminded
7) A can B may C might D must
8) A what is worn B is worn C worn D wearing
9) A is dropped B drops C will drop D have dropped

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