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Angol érettségi - nyelvhelyesség 2018.október/1.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2018. október - 1. nyelvhelyesség feladat.

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If anything characterizes the British, it is how they respect and preserve their traditions and legends. One of these (0) fascinating (fascinate) legends is the story of the six ravens at the Tower of London.

The legend, and with it the tradition, was born during the reign of Charles II (1630-1685). The king’s (1) (astronomy) wanted to remove all the ravens from the Tower. These birds spent all day flying around, making it (2) (possible) for him to observe the sky with his telescope. But King Charles II thought it would be bad luck to scare or kill the ravens.

To ensure the (3) (protect) of these birds Charles II ruled that there should always be at (4) (little) six ravens inhabiting the Tower.

One of the first (5) (describe) of the Tower of London’s ravens appeared in a novel by a Japanese writer, The Tower of London. He wrote that those executed in the Tower were turned into ravens. It is a fabulous dark story that adds to the (6) (magic) of the place.

Today, the ravens are (7) (register) as ‘soldiers’ of the Kingdom, and, thus, can be expelled from the Tower if they misbehave. This happened to Raven George, who was fired in 1986 for (8) (attack) TV antennas; he was taken to the Zoological Park of Wales.


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