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Olvasott angol szöveg értése 2018.május/1.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2018. május - 1. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.

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I am an official sign language interpreter interpreting in state and local courts.

I am an officer of the court and I perform interpreting services for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Years ago, I worked in the legal field and I met the wonderful lady who actually held this position at the time and decided to do the same thing.

Interpreters sometimes meet movie stars, famous performers, popular athletes and important politicians. Interpreters also have the opportunity to learn so much while working.

Well, sometimes I have to work at the weekends, on holidays or even at night.

All states pay differently and the pay level usually depends on the complexity of the job.

You must have a bachelor’s degree. You need to have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, so getting more education increases your ability to interpret well.

It really is not a problem for me. It is actually more challenging to interpret for a slow talker than a fast one.

Be patient because it takes a lot of time to develop language skills to become fluent enough to become a professional interpreter.

A) How difficult is it for a sign-language interpreter to keep up with a speaker who is talking very fast?
B) How much money do you make as a sign language interpreter?
C) What do you do for a living?
D) What do you consider to be your greatest success?
E) What do you like most about being an interpreter?
F) How would you describe what you do?
G) What education and skills does one need to be a sign language interpreter?
H) What do you dislike about the work?
I) How long have you been in your present job?
K) What advice would you offer someone considering this career?
L) How did you get started in your job?

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