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Olvasott angol szöveg értése 2018.május/2.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2018. május - 2. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.

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Many people panic at the thought of talking to a large audience, (0) C .

Public speaking can make even the most confident person scared. But today, you don’t even have to be a manager to give presentations – staff at every level are expected to stand up (1) . Below you can read some advice from experts.

“I always begin my planning with the end in mind,” says Karen Glossop, psychologist. “What are the one or two main points (2) ? Plan the talk around your main points and build the structure accordingly.”

Another expert, who coaches people in communication and presentation skills, suggests that you should make your speech memorable. “Create an opening that grabs attention (3) . We naturally remember the first and last bits better than the middle.” When clients tell him that they don’t have time to prepare, he advises them to spend just 10 minutes thinking about what it is they want to say: “What is the one thing you want people to take away? When your audience leaves the room, (4) ? That way you will structure your message well.”

The most important thing is to remember your main ideas and not the exact words, says the president of the Academy of Public Speakers. “Prepare in advance (5) . While doing so, focus on the message rather than trying to remember every single word in order,” he says. “As no one will know exactly (6) , leaving out a word will not cause a problem.”

“When you practise, include any slides, flip charts, aids or props (7) ,” he adds. How you present your speech is equally, or maybe even more important than what you say. Speaking slowly and clearly is very important. Don’t rush through your talk, no matter how much (8) . “Taking time to pause and breathe helps the speaker to feel less stressed, and helps support the voice”.

Psychologists say we should never turn down a chance to speak. We should find a safe place like a school theatre group, where we can get feedback from our friends to overcome fears.

A) in order to have enough opportunity to practise
B) I want the audience to leave with
C) but preparation and breathing techniques can help you feel relaxed
D) and talk about the achievements of their teams
E) whether you enjoy the experience
F) in order to help to illustrate the points you’re making
G) what is it that you want them to remember, think or do
H) you want it to be over
I) but doing so is brilliant for our careers
K) and an ending that gives the audience a takeaway
L) what you have planned to say

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