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Olvasott angol szöveg értése 2018.október/2.

Középszintű angol érettségi 2018. október - 2. olvasott szöveg értése feladat.

Írd be a hiányzó kérdés betűjelét!

0) C ?
Almost any kind. Sam Loyd, the great American puzzle genius, was my childhood hero. I bought his puzzle collections from Dover Books.

1) ?
Yes, they have a special course, which was new when I was there. If you’re accepted, you can have a programme of your choice.

2) ?
It's the participants. Crossword people tend to be smart, interesting and often funny, too. They're my kind of people.

3) ?
You have to be a good speller, of course, and have a wide vocabulary. It helps to know a little about everything, from classical to modern.

4) ?
Many of the crosswords I ran in the 1990s wouldn't get accepted today. Standards have risen both in themes and fill.

5) ?
The worst kind involves ones like AROA, a Venezuelan copper center, IMU, a Hawaiian baking pit, and CERE and PELA, kinds of Chinese wax. I try never to use them.

6) ?
Well, I think they will do fine in the electronic age. They're the best and most flexible form of puzzle ever devised.

7) ?
Fewer than a hundred. And as one of these, I'm a very lucky guy.


A) You founded the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in 1978 and you’re still directing it. What keeps you involved?
B) If print media dies, will crosswords survive?
C) What puzzles did you enjoy when you were growing up?
D) Are New York Times puzzles different since you became the paper’s crossword editor in 1993?
E) What were your goals when you became the editor there?
F) What are your feelings about words that appear frequently in puzzles, but not nearly as often in conversation?
G) We’ve noticed a lot of tournament champions win more than once. What qualities do they share?
H) You got a special college degree from Indiana University, isn’t that right?
I) If you had to guess how many people in the world can make their living on puzzle making and editing, what number would you say?
K) Do New York Times crosswords get harder every day of the week?

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